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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find articles about life a Hembury Mill. See some of the renovation projects we have undertaken over the last few years.

Restoring the Mill

DSCN1067.JPG This Mill dates back to 1724 and has all the original machinery including two sets of millstones, original scales, and historic artifacts and bygones from the day. The building is on three floors and has an attached bakery which stopped production... Read article

The Water Wheel

DSCN1397.JPG The water wheel was used to turn the mill stones in the mill to grind corn, it works by the buckets filling with water provided by the leat above. There were three main types of water wheel an undershot (water flow... Read article

The sluice gates

DSC00418.JPG   Sluice gates were used to control the water flow to the mill, one before the mill pond, one after the mill pond, one along the leat and finally one just before the wheel, They were usually made from oak, pitch pine, Douglas... Read article

The 'Leat' Restoration

DSC00531.JPG    The Leat was a stream or channel usually man made which carried the water from the mill pond or diverted from a river.  This photo shows the existing leat looking towards the mill, very overgrown and buried under top soil after... Read article

The Mill Pond Restoration

DSC00121.JPG   The mill pond stored water to supply the water wheel for the next days milling, especially in the 18th century when there were lots of droughts and the river or stream wasn't sufficient. The 1st photo shows all the trees that... Read article

The Cider Barn Renovations

HENBURY MILL 042.jpg   The Cider Barn dates back to 1780 nearly as old as the mill, it probably started life as a shelter for live stock and then was used to make Cider driven by a belt from the mill. It was listed... Read article